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Planning and Design

Bespoke House Design in Beaconsfield

We understand that no two houses are the same. This is why we only do 100% custom design, planning, and consult with you in each step of the process.

Planning Permission

Planning permission rules vary from council to council. It is important to choose the right architects who have experience in your council to support your planning permission application.

Construction and Sign-off

Our build teams begin construction under the supervision of your personal Project manager. We will provide you a detailed plan of the project.


Types of House Extensions in Beaconsfield

You can choose from a wide range of house extension solutions, such as: Single storey extension, Rear Extensions, Double storey extension, Side extensions, Bungalow extensions, Garage & house extensions.


House Extension Beaconsfield


 A market town and civil parish within the unitary authority, Beaconsfield is situated in Buckinghamshire, England. Gerrards Cross, Amersham, and High Wycombe are three more towns nearby Beaconsfield. It covers an area of around 19.66 squares per kilometer and has a population of about 12,081 people making its population density 614 people per kilometer square. In 2011, Beaconsfield had the highest proportion in the UK of £1 million-plus homes for sale, and in the same year, IBurkes Road was named as the second most expensive road in the country outside London.


Known for its riches since 2008 when Beaconsfield was named ‘Britain’s Richest Town’ by the Daily Telegraph, this town has been in the spotlight. Its amenities and luxurious lifestyle is proof for the comfortable lifestyle people live here. Be it its transportation facilities or sports and leisure activities, Beaconsfield accommodates every sector and is, therefore, one of the most favorable places to shift in by families. It is also famous as it is home to the Chiltern Shakespeare Company, which annually holds amateur performances of Shakespeare plays. Hence, with so much in highlight, it is certain that Beaconsfield happens to be a town where you can very conveniently style down and find a home.


In case you are planning to accommodate your relatives or more tenants at your house in Beaconsfield as they wish to experience the life the town has to offer or you wish to add to your luxurious lifestyle by increasing the size and value of the place you live at, you should consider getting house extension in Beaconsfield.

House extension is a popular choice for people residing in Beaconsfield in general. People who have already availed these services highly recommend it as it proved out to be both cost-effective and a great way of the addition of space in the house.

One important thing to do is, to be honest with your budget, time, and energy as the other alternative of buying a new house might sound tempting but is not a piece of cake. Hence, House extension in Beaconsfield is the wisest choice you can make.


With its years of service, House Extension London has finally managed to be classified as one of the best house extension services in London. To proceed with a stress-free house extension procedure, there is no better company to choose from. There are a number of factors that distinguish our company from others. First and foremost, our motive for client satisfaction. We leave no scope for our clients to undergo stress in any of the processes of the house renovation journey.

The process that we follow is also very simple and clear. We also leave no scope of ambiguity in terms of monetary matters as for us, communication is the key. Without your permission, our workers refuse to continue with anything. Our broad focuses are  -

  1. Addition to the space and value of your house.
  2. Designing for the perfect and a uniquely created plan.
  3. Providing services at a reasonable rate.
  4. Giving our clients as less burden as possible by performing the entire process optimistically.

Therefore, with the highest order of dedication and passion, we commit ourselves to our work and vow to turn your expectations into a reality.


It is our provisions of services that make us stand out. We have everything clearly laid out for you. A proper plan to begin the renovation process with clear-cut procedures.

The following services that we provide for a house extension in Beaconsfield make us who we are!

  1. THE VALUABLE EXTRA SPACE - House extensions help to get rid of the real-time headaches provided by shifting to a new house. With no worries of changing schools for your children or again adjusting to a new environment- you just give a lovely touch up to your previous house which is a hundred times better than the former scenario.
  2. CHEAPER AND EASIER - It is important for you to be honest about your budget and needs. To get your desires and bank balance both in sync, a house extension is the most convenient way out. The renovated house that House Extension London provides you with makes your old house way better than any new one as it transforms it completely giving it a new identity.
  3. MAKE THE PROCESS ENERGY EFFICIENT- To be within your budget range and at the same time doing a good deed by saving the environment by efficiently using energy during the process and after it is all a person would want. Unlike the wastage of energy caused by the services of other companies, we keep this factor very well in mind and set up installations such that energy conservation is ensured.


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