How long does a house extension take?

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As a home extension is about how it will disrupt their everyday lives, the first question that arises in everyone's mind is- how much time it will take?

Every extension work is different and gets controlled by some inside and outside factors.

So how long does precisely it will take to build an extension?

The extension work can take approx three to four months for a comparatively simple, single, three rear extensions. However, its six months for a large or double height rear extension that excludes the project design and planning phases, also, that entire extension work time duration depends on whether you have to apply for planning permissions or not.

We are sharing here the comprehensive time schedules, depending upon the several aspects:

Design & Planning

Initial stage -

In the very first step, you meet with one of our talented design consultants, to discuss your ideas, goals and necessity. You can ask them if you have any doubts or questions. Also, they will suggest a few ideas, and according to the discussion, they will start developing the best suitable solution for you.

The discussion can take 60-90 mins.

Designing concepts -

Our designing consultant will start working on your extension. They will frequently get in touch with you for your opinions and requirements.

It can take 1-3 weeks.

Revision work and finalizing the design -

By reaching this stage, the finale design has developed for an extension. We will work together with you, for any last-minute tweaks if you have any. Once all has settled, then we will have a final project for your new home extension.

Time-2-4 weeks approx.

Let's work on Contract -

After finalizing the design, House extension London moves ahead for the contacts. Before starting the extension work, we need to sign a contract to formalize the project. It is very important for us that you will be satisfied with all the project aspects and ask your designer if you have any further queries or amendments you want to make.

Approvals -

At this stage, we ensure that the home extension work completely satisfies all regulations; we complete all the documentation if any required. House extension London always ensures to avoid any upholds or any unnecessary delays. We start processing approval at the initial two stages.

The time required- 2-6 weeks approx

Town Planning -

If your extension work needs any town planning permit application, we will work with the council to facilitate this. However, in some cases, town planning councils take more than three months, we try our best to get this done quickly and work swiftly to troubleshoot any problems that may occur. To avoid any time wastage, we start working on this early.

Up to 3 months, depends on town planning council approval.

Construction work

Site preparation -

Depending on the extension layout, it may take one week to prepare and assess your property for the upcoming jobs. In this stage, we ensure that there will be no restrictions in the building processing and setting out the extension areas.

First floor, subfloor -

Now the builders will start developing the sub-floor and concrete slab as an extension base. This will be the base for all the extension work.

Time duration- Approximately 2-5 weeks

Framework -

The wall frames and the roof frame start building at this stage, which is the outline stage of the building process, where the new extension begins to take physical shape, and you can see that.

Time duration- 2-4 weeks approximately

 Lockups -

After completing the framework, we begin adding doors, walls, a roof, and windows. The whole adding work called Lockup, and almost extension structure get completed by this stage.

Time duration- 2-4 weeks approximately.

Fixing -

All the aesthetic touches that turn a structure into a home such as skirting board, doorknobs, architraves, bathroom fitting etc. At this stage, it requires finesse to look the extension exceptional.

Time -  Up to 6 weeks approx

The project completion -

It includes any last-minute finishing work and ensures everything gets completed before undergoing the final inspection. After completing all this process, you will receive the final certificate for the building permit.

Time- Approximately 2-4 weeks

House extension London always tries to find the most appropriate contact for your project.

Try to help your architect or design professional to control the timescales. Get in touch for your project and to arrange initial consultations with House extension London, and be ready to get started, and we'll be happy to help.


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