Are you looking for a house or kitchen extension, renovation or refurbishment in Gerrards Cross? House Extension London are here to assist you. We arrange a free no-obligation site visit at your property to assess your house extension aspirations, thoughts, vision, and budgetary concerns. We will help you plan, design and build you extension in Gerrards Cross.



Bespoke House Design in Gerrards Cross

We understand that no two houses are the same. Therefore, we only do 100% custom design, planning, and consult with you in each step of the process. Our architects will work closely with you to draw ideas into a final set of plans for the extension build phase. Planning permission rules vary from council to council. It is important to choose the right architects who have experience in your council to support your planning permission application.


Our build teams begin construction under the supervision of your personal project manager. We will provide you a detailed plan of the project to ensure that the right trades, tools, and materials will be on-site at the right times for a smooth build. Our construction is only completed when you are happy, the job site is then cleared so that you can start decorating your newly extended living space.


Our team has a lot of experience when it comes to kitchen extensions. A Kitchen extension in Gerrards Cross is one of the most popular types of home renovation undertaken by London residents. A newly added kitchen can increase the value of your property by 6% and many buyers in Gerrards Cross see this first when buying the property. Our team can offer our expertise and guidance so that your extension process runs efficiently.



You can choose from a wide range of house extension solutions, such as: Single storey extension, Rear Extensions, Double storey extension, Side extensions, Bungalow extensions, Garage & house extensions. We cover the whole of London and the home counties supplying a comprehensive solution to our clients varying requirements.



Most house improvements involve an addition of an extra space to accommodate either a new bigger kitchen, adding a shower or toilet under the stairs, increasing the internal space for big family functions. All modern house extensions nowadays have bi-fold doors, skylights, Velux windows etc. Many London families are opting for the open plan kitchen and dinner as they tend to offer better use of the space and feels spacious too. Contact our team today to discuss your house extension options and free no obligation quote.

What can we do for your Property in Gerrards Cross?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a House Extension could enhance your Gerrards Cross property, call us on 0208 1050 675 or email info@houseextensionlondon.com to ask us any questions. For a free site survey and design consultation please fill out the form on the right and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

House extension Gerrards Cross

Gerrards Cross is located in south Buckinghamshire, famous as a great place to work, live and play. This city has been named after a Gerrard family, who owns a manor here in the early 17th century, and the entire town has surrounded by beautiful rural setting and efficient transport links. However, this city is a bit more crowded but known as the most sought-after postcodes in Britain. Our house extension Gerrards-Cross services can help them with the variety of excellent house extension options to enhance the space and monetary value of the house.

The Benefits of House Extension -

  • Opting for an extension is the most important decision an owner makes. Most importantly, if it has been installed properly, it can save a lot of money while adding some real value.
  • House extension is a perfect way to utilise the space you always needed, plus to ensure every family member is happy; you can take their inputs while finalising.
  • Rather than put down a massive deposit on a new home, face the stress of moving and being worried about the new place, house extension will save your money and energy for the long run. You probably use that leftover money to decorate the new space too!
  • In terms of saving money, house extensions add value to your home's worth!

How house extension London can help you

Extending your house, to get an improved look gives a valuable space. We provide a wide range of extension service in our house extension Gerrards cross.

We consider and deliver the excellent house extensions.

  • House extension London will assist you in getting the perfect extension.
  • Our work reflects our passion and dignity and abides by your expectations.
  • We follow all planning permission's rules and regulations to deliver the complete project.
  • We follow an utterly transparent plan and always build a trusted relationship.
  • We do not compromise with quality, including materials, or anything.
  • We keep your designing and requirements on top, and deliver you, your dream project at a very effective and competitive price.
  • Our skilled and professional team is always to help you to meet all your requirements.
  • Free no-obligation quotes.
  • Complete job, start to finish, including plumbing and electrics.
  • Architect Certificate of Compliance (if requested).
  • Excellent rates.

Types Of Extensions we serve -

  • Loft conversion
  • Single-storey, multi/double storey conversion
  • Wrap around the house extension
  • Garage and rear extension
  • Living room, bedroom, office etc. extension.
  • Bathroom extension
  • Kitchen extension

However, if you have any other extension in your mind, apart from above, let us know, we can build a free quote around everything you want!!!

Go ahead and contact us today to give your house a makeover.

Modern or Contemporary - better you choose

House extension London work according to your vision and short. We are sure that you know more than anyone what would suit the house more. The transformation of the room promotes a flawlessly designed and well-aligned initiative. We have experience in building extensions from a whole variety of materials & following designs both contemporary and traditional.

Still, your desired extension work sometimes depends all upon the appearance; sometimes, the makeover finishes the room!

What our house extension team offers to Gerrards-Cross clients - 

Our quality house expanding service provides you with a valuable space with an improved appearance. We provide a wide range of renovation services in our house extension Gerrards-Cross.

  • We assist you in getting the perfect extension
  • We follow all planning permission rules and regulations.
  • We follow a transparent process and believe in building a trustworthy relationship.
  • Our experienced and skilled team always works towards fulfilling all of your expectations.
  • Our work vow for us and our dedication reflect on our work.
  • Complete planning to completion job with no-obligation quotes
  • Compliance certificate if you need

Things to consider while selecting a builder -

Selecting a builder can be tricky, with significant repercussions, as Structure and remodelling is not something we do typically. If it has done wrong, it can result worse. Avoid a few common mistakes while selecting one.

  • While selecting - Choose someone who has experience in extensions and restorations for your refurbishing work, or if you are developing a brand-new house, speak to someone who is experienced in brand-new homes. It is very casual for new contractors to present competitive quotes for extension and remodelling jobs, as they do have the experience to prepare a quote effectively and practically, which will later be a trouble for you. Going for the lowest bid might not always be the best move. Get an affordable proposal offer to serve you with the ultimate value for your money.
  • Check with Previous Clients of that Contractor - Check with the contractor's reference, and get a sharp picture of their reliability. Have a look at various contractors' work, including house extension Gerrards cross, to vouch for them.
  • Do not Sign on any Incomplete Paperwork - Always have a work scope in writing. You need to get the detailed quotations, including insurance, approvals, construction work agreement handy to avoid any future uncertainty. Also, don't rush to sign any incomplete work paper.
  • Have detailed specifications - Have a complete project specification list, when you are heading out to get a home remodelling contractor. It will permit you to have a clear focus on your project, and you can also compare it with others.

What makes us separate from others.

We understand that house extension is a big decision, both financially and emotionally for you. This is why we ensure to put our 100& afford in developing the best for our every project. If you require a stunning interior, we can offer you installation and professional services to ensure that all segments are working in order. We have a trusted and qualified artistry and provide quality material used in each of our project work.

Our extension plans are lifestyle-driven, and we work closely with you from designing the basic shape to an internal space to a perfect completion of a new room. We incorporate our skills, creativity and experience together to give you the ideal outcome.

What is building control and its requirement for my project?

Building control is how Local Authorities enforce compliance with current Building Regulations. There are two ways to get the certification and advice for your project. Either you can go to the Local Council’s Building Control Department or can appoint an approved authorized inspector to carry out the inspection and certification on behalf of the local authority. They verify that your project meets all current Building Regulations or not. They review all works such as drawings, the actual work, and once the project is completed, they ensure that it will meet all the described criteria. After that, they issue the final compliance certificate.

Our experience with the private inspectors helps to speed up the process, and as we are already aware of most of the norms, we eliminate all chances of rejection. You can leave this aspect of your project entirely on us.

Get an extension Consultation in Gerrards Cross.

If you are looking for a complete professional start to finish service, feel free to contact us for your house extension Gerrards Cross work. If you want to convert your room, our looking for an attic conversion, or wants to remodel your kitchen or just anything, call us.

Frequently Asked Questions about House Extensions in Gerrards Cross

A house or kitchen extension is an investment in your home, so we know you will have a few questions before you get started.

  • How long will my House Extension take in Gerrards Cross?

    A standard house extension takes between 7 to 9 weeks for the initial build. And a further 5-7 weeks for installation of kitchen and other facilities. Overall, there size of the building and the scope of the extension are the major factors on how long the house extension will take.

  • How quickly can you start an Extension at my Gerrards Cross property?

    Our lead times are currently at 3-4 weeks, assuming you have the architectural plans, structural calculations, and party wall notices ready. House Extension London have teams all over London and the home counties. Wherever you are based, we can get your house or kitchen extension started in as little as two weeks. If you have any questions, contact our highly experienced team who will guide you through the whole process in much more detail.

  • How much value will be added to my house in Gerrards Cross ?

    House extension is one of the fastest and most effective way to add value to your house. An expertly constructed and finished house or kitchen extension can add up to 25% value to your house. It’s a fantastic amount of value added to your house instead of spending this on stamp duty when moving home. At House Extension London, we believe you should prefer moving up instead of moving out.

  • How long will plans take to draw if we decided to go with House Extension London?

    Our process of House extension in Gerrards Cross starts with a site survey where our surveyor will visit your property and guide you on what is possible. All this will be free of charge as it’s a no-obligation quotation. After the site visit, you will be provided with a rough quote until we have the structural calculations ready. Once you are happy with the quote, we will draw a contract to be signed and give you a start date. House Extension London tries to cater for all our customers needs and we are proud to be one of London’s best extension builders.

  • How long are your quotations valid for?

    We review our prices every quarter to take into consideration price increases of materials and inflation too. Our quotations are therefore value for up to four months. In this time period, you can alter your quote to suit your needs if needed. We will work alongside you to alter any design you want until you are fully satisfied with it.

  • What size of an extension can I build under Permitted Development?

    Permitted development guidelines for the house extension size can vary based on the type of property you are extending. As a general estimate is that 3m is allowed for a terraced and semi-detached properties. Detached properties can get up to 4m without planning permission.

  • When do you need planning permission for an extension?

    You will need planning permission for an extension when the design and size of the extension exceeds the provisions of permitted development. If you live in a flat or conservation area you will need to apply for planning permission regardless of the design and size of the extension.

  • How long does planning permission take for a house extension?

    Once the planning application has been submitted to the local authority, it can take up to 8 weeks. It takes between 4 to 8 weeks for an architect to prepare and submit the plans. Ideally, we suggest to give at least 3 months in advance for the construction company to start the process.

  • Will my Boiler work effectively with my new House Extension?

    By adding a house extension, the demand for current hot water and heating systems will increase. You might need to change to a new boiler that has a bigger output. Many homes tend to install a hot water cylinder when extending their property to the rear.

  • What do I need to know about the Party Wall Act?

    Your neighbours cannot stop you from constructing up to, or even on, the boundary between your properties, even if it requires access onto their land. This issue is not covered by planning or building control. If you are undertaking a house extension that involves digging or building foundations within 3m of the boundary, party wall or party wall structure, or digging foundations within 6m of a boundary, this sort of work will require you to comply with the party wall act. You will need a surveyor to act on your behalf. Such an act does not apply in Scotland.

  • What if my House Extension is near or on a Sewer?

    If your house extension will be built over or near a seer, you have to contact your local water board before work commences. In many cases, your architect will have to draw plans on how you intend to change the pipework, and these will be submitted to the water board for approval. It can take up to 3-4 weeks to get this approved and we strongly suggest not to start any work before obtaining a letter of approval.

  • Can I stay on site during the house Extension?

    Yes, it is normal to live on the site throughout the house extension, however there will be dust and mess and it can slow down the progress as the builders will try to work around your life. If you are not prepared to live with the disruption, then you should surely look for temporary accommodation especially during the dusty stage.

  • Do I need to inform building control of my house extension?

    Yes, before you commence your construction project, you will need to submit either a building notice or a full planning application to building control. A building notice will allow you to start the work quickly but there will be lack of protection that a building control has signed off on the construction work. In this case, you will be liable to correct any work that faults to meet building regulations standard upon inspection.

  • Building regulations in Gerrards Cross

    Regardless of whether planning permission is required or not, any sort, any construction project must comply with the building regulations. You need to make sure that whoever undertakes the work can self-certify the work, for example, FENSA accredited window fitters, Gas Safe engineers, NIXEIC registered electricians and so on. If these requirements are not met, you could be served notice to take the extension down and will have trouble selling your home without relevant building regulations certificates.

  • How to brief an architect before starting our project?

    Before starting your house and kitchen extension, its vital you give as much information as possible on what you want from the house extension, your timings, how and when you intend to pay them and what penalties will be in place if deadlines are missed. The architect will send you a detailed plan and a contract to sign.

  • How to get Structural engineer calculations?

    If your house extension requires any structural changes to your home, you may need a structural engineer. A structural engineer can provide the technical drawings and calculations which can be used to get building regulation approval. This will also be used by the construction company during the house extension work.


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