Are you looking for a house or kitchen extension, renovation or refurbishment in Pinner? House Extension London are here to assist you. We arrange a free no-obligation site visit at your property to assess your house extension aspirations, thoughts, vision, and budgetary concerns. We will help you plan, design and build you extension in Pinner.



Bespoke House Design in Pinner

We understand that no two houses are the same. Therefore, we only do 100% custom design, planning, and consult with you in each step of the process. Our architects will work closely with you to draw ideas into a final set of plans for the extension build phase. Planning permission rules vary from council to council. It is important to choose the right architects who have experience in your council to support your planning permission application.


Our build teams begin construction under the supervision of your personal project manager. We will provide you a detailed plan of the project to ensure that the right trades, tools, and materials will be on-site at the right times for a smooth build. Our construction is only completed when you are happy, the job site is then cleared so that you can start decorating your newly extended living space.


Our team has a lot of experience when it comes to kitchen extensions. A Kitchen extension in Pinner is one of the most popular types of home renovation undertaken by London residents. A newly added kitchen can increase the value of your property by 6% and many buyers in Pinner see this first when buying the property. Our team can offer our expertise and guidance so that your extension process runs efficiently.



You can choose from a wide range of house extension solutions, such as: Single storey extension, Rear Extensions, Double storey extension, Side extensions, Bungalow extensions, Garage & house extensions. We cover the whole of London and the home counties supplying a comprehensive solution to our clients varying requirements.



Most house improvements involve an addition of an extra space to accommodate either a new bigger kitchen, adding a shower or toilet under the stairs, increasing the internal space for big family functions. All modern house extensions nowadays have bi-fold doors, skylights, Velux windows etc. Many London families are opting for the open plan kitchen and dinner as they tend to offer better use of the space and feels spacious too. Contact our team today to discuss your house extension options and free no obligation quote.

What can we do for your Property in Pinner?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a House Extension could enhance your Pinner property, call us on 0208 1050 675 or email info@houseextensionlondon.com to ask us any questions. For a free site survey and design consultation please fill out the form on the right and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

House Extension Pinner

Within the bounds of the historic county of Middlesex, the city Pinner is situated. The town lies 12 miles (19 km) away in the northwest from Charing Cross, as the division of Harrow. The population of Pinner includes Pinner Green, Pin and Norwood Hatch End.

Pinner has a mix of culture, and religion along with the ethnic minority population, which has started growing since the 1970s.

Why should you consider living in Pinner?

Pinner is blessed with a rich architectural and social heritage and has a tremendous flourishing Local History. You can find numerous well-made old buildings around and can witness a few dating back more than 700 years. It has a real sense of community coherence even being a part of suburban London and has sustained its own identity over the years. 

This city has also been recorded as the safest place to live and surrounded with the pretty High Street along with timber-framed pubs and well-structured houses. The city has a number of educational institutes located in the area. Many people consider this place as a true place to live if you are coming out of central London. For living in this area is quintessentially and caters for all tastes and pockets. Here you can find homes to one-bedroom flats to multi-story houses. As the city is among the most vibrant communities, you can take advantage of great flats and modern developments.

Pinner is surrounded with all essential facilities such as education, transportation, hospitals, etc., which makes Pinner a place to live happily. Most families who prefer to have a better place to live, favour Pinner because of its extensive property minus the high cost as the neighbouring boroughs. 

Why should opt for a House extension in Pinner?

If you are feeling that your house is now becoming smaller for your family or if you are trying to expand that extra space, a loft conversion can be the best idea. People at Pinner have discovered that they have extra space inside and outside of their home, and want to convert them into a stunning place. House Extension Pinner is always available to serve them with their desired conversion results.

Conversion is the best way to add some quality space at our home in a cost-effective manner. The following reasons can help you to understand the benefits of house extension:

Add extra space - Extension is an excellent house improvement option without a hassle of moving and expenses involved with the moving houses. Additional space is a perfect way to accommodate your growing family needs and to arrange all of your personal belongings effectively. You can use this extra space as an office, bedroom or even as an entertainment room. 

Increases Value of House - House extension maximizes the value of your property as it adds extra space and functionality in your house. It provides an ideal option for families to enhance their lifestyle with the upheaval of moving houses. House-extension-pinner helps to add a bit of luxury in your life with their remarkable house extension ideas.

Turn Your Dream into Reality - Everyone has some specific designing ideas for their homes. House extension gives you that opportunity to create something that you have always dreamt.

Save money by moving: House extension cost is much cheaper than moving. Moving to the bigger house is practically expensive along with the moving process-as you need movers for transporting your belongings, paying a fee to the real estate agents, and other expenses add a considerable amount.

Stay in the same surroundings: This is a key advantage of house extension that you get to stay at the same place and enjoy the same neighbourhood. Alos your kids do not have to leave their schools and friends.

Versatile Space - House extension gives you a liability to design and modify your house for any future needs. As you can turn your office space into a playroom or study room. 

Economical - Cost-effective and time saving is the best advantage of the house extension. Extension work can cost you half the price of moving to a new house. And allow you to enjoy living in the same neighborhood, without affecting your lifestyle.

Important things to consider before moving for a house extension

  • Get detailed information about house extension including types and prices
  • Use environmental friendly materials
  • Consider recommendations and reviews of the builder
  • Check for the planning permission, if it is necessary 
  • Though the whole process can be stressful and time-consuming, House extension is practically and economically a good option.

Best features House extension Pinner offers

We offer you the best hassle-free extension work at very cost-effective rates. House extension pinner has specialization in house, loft, kitchen, garage, wrap-around, and rear extensions. With our a wide range of service offerings, we can accommodate your all extension requirements in Pinner. Numbers of factors distinguish us from others.

  • We have a highly qualified and experienced team
  • From evaluation to completion, we do our work with professionalism
  • We follow all of the regulatory planning norms, along with safety and health guidelines.
  • we ensure to complete our work according to the agreement
  • We do not charge any hidden costs

Take recommendations with friends and have a look at well- executed extensions. 

Use environmentally friendly materials that will benefit the environment of the area.

Planning permission may not be necessary for your extension work. However, we recommend checking with the council and speaking with your neighbourhoods to avoid any further disputes.

Get detailed information about extension work, including time, invoicing details and types of extension from your builder.

House renovation is economically and practically a good option, though it might be a bit stressful and time taking.

Types of house extension services we offer

We promise for an impeccable quality of work and serve with a wide range of extension services. Our team will devise your plans and work alongside you to ensure the extension is exactly what you were looking for. 

Our house extension services include -

Single-storey extension

Double-storey or Multi-storey extension

Mansard, Velux and dormers conversions

Wrap around house extension

Over-structure house extension, etc.

Service provided by House extension London

No matter if you are staying in a big bungalow or a small apartment, house extension Pinner is dedicated to equipping you with excellent communication, fantastic customer service and superior artistry.

We acknowledge that many families believe that they do not have enough time to concern themselves with a loft conversion by dealing with other life stresses. Our team is so passionate and dedicated to unlocking the hidden value of your home, and will make you embrace the new appearance that will suit you best.

House extension pinner renovation procedure

We plan everything practically before starting our work, initiate our construction work when we get a green signal from our client. We short all possible ambiguity in the beginning and move forward with our work. Our work procedure includes:

  • Understand your vision: Our specialist takes an ample amount of time if required, to understand what you want and what are your requirements and expectations with this project. According to your vision, we do our planning and try to give you the best outcome. Our highly experienced team members schedule a meeting with you to understand the possibilities and your desire. They will also share the best potential extension ideas for your conversion.
  • Authorization: Before moving ahead with the project, we need to do some paperwork. This paperwork includes the quotation, agreements, regulatory and a few more things that we clear you in advance.
  • Start our work: After finishing all the above, our expert and qualified builders, electricians, plumbers, painters and designers start their work with complete dedication.
  • Planning Manager: We allocate a dedicated planning manager to you, who takes care and manages the whole project. They will help you with their guidance, advice, supervision and work as the first point of contact. At any phase of progression, if you feel anything to ask, you can coordinate with them for your queries.

Professional house extension London experts

We do not just hold expertise in house extension; we offer a vast array of home renovation packages. We work with a core goal of our client's satisfaction, and our knowledgeable and highly skilled team always works towards achieving our goal. You can utilize our experience in building your perfect house in Pinner. We can ensure that when it comes to innovation, craftsmanship and responsibility, you can find no better extension builder in Pinner than which has been created by House extension Pinner.

Step by step process followed by us -

Assessments - Our highly experienced team members will schedule a meeting to let you know the possibilities and your desire. They will be determined to evaluate that requirement of planning permission and the complexity of the project. They will share the potential extension ideas for your conversion.

Planning - Our team will process with the authorization if any required, and further will start working on the designs and architects to assist in the process.

Project Manager - We allocate a dedicated project manager for every project. They will supervise the entire project, coordinate with all contractors and answer your questions, if you have any. 

So, We are excited to hear from you, contact us to transform your home?

What is the cost of building an extension in Pinner?

Though the charges depend on locality, and extension requirement, it can cost you around £2,500 and £3,000 per square metre for side extensions, rear extension or for the front extension. Basement extension can be more expensive. However, it is a rough cost per square metre, and our cost professional can provide you with more accurate figures. Consider these rough ranges as a guide, as we always try to find a balance that works best for you and us.


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