House extensions are really the most exciting and fun projects, from taking the measurements, approvals, plan drawn and planning permission granted. House extension London holds expertise in building various types of extensions all over London. Our trained surveyors can talk through different types of house extensions availability for your property, to help you know what types of extensions are suitable.

Here are the types of extensions you could opt for:

  • Side Return Extension
  • Wrap-around Extension
  • Single-storey extension
  • Double or multi-storey extension
  • Rear Extension
  • Flat roof extension
  • Kitchen extension

Side Return Extension

A side return extension is ubiquitous on Victorian or other types of period properties, that stretches the home into the alleyway at the side of your house. Though its relatively small extension, it helps to enhance the impact on the appearance and feel of your home. It also gives you an option to combine rear and side return extension, which is called a wrap-around extension.

Side return extension is fabulous for housing a larger kitchen and dining area.

The construction time could be around three to four months, which entirely depends on the project.

How much is a side return extension cost?

The pricing completely depends on the size of the side return extension area—however, its very cost-effective and impactful in adding extra living space to your home. A side return extension is cheaper than other styles of home extension, that makes it a vastly preferable alternative to moving house in terms of side return extension cost.

Side return extension is growing its popularity amongst London due to their cost-effectiveness and the smaller scale job nature.

House extension London has specialisation in building side extensions in London, get in touch to discuss your dream project and arrange a free site survey.

Wrap-around Extension

The wrap-around extension is a combining of a side return extension and a rear extension. Mostly it involves a side wall closer to the neighbouring building border and moves the rear wall of the property into the back garden, constructing an L shaped house extension. The wrap-around extension can provide maximum space of your property.

If you want to achieve an open plan kitchen, dining area, family room in your home, it could be the best option for you as it creates a wonderfully spacious and illuminated area. Additionally, this extension type is highly flexible and increases the volume of the house.

A wrap-around extension is an ideal option for growing families; It helps to create new space while simultaneously advancing the use of otherwise ‘useless’ space.

Also, a wrap-around kitchen extension is an excellent choice for a large open plan kitchen with a proper dining and living space where the kids can spend their time while you get on with cooking dinner.


If you have sufficient space, the single-storey rear extension has immense potential to improve the very essence of your house. The extension idea can include internal property alterations such as to open up the kitchen to the back garden and create an open-plan area that can combine as kitchen, dining and living area. Single story extension ideas not only increase the property space; also, it adds a considerable amount of value to it. House extension London, can help in your single-storey rear extension work to increase the area of rooms, in modifications or in completely reconstruct the way you utilise the interior floor space.

However, a well-constructed extension feels like a natural part of a home and nothing like a foreign body.


Rear-extension works from the back of the property and typically carried out on properties where there is no side entrance option or on separated properties. It adds a dining or living space besides extending the size of the room.

If you are looking to create that dream kitchen with an island and wants to achieve an open plan living space. The rear extension is an open plan living space that is sectioned into three areas – a seating area, a kitchen, dining area, so you can choose in which part you want to spend your time. Additionally, by the smart use of light through skylights, floor to ceiling windows that frame the garden and through the external cladding and create a show-stopping design, you can impress your friends and family.


A multi-storey extension can be built at any part of the existing building. You can use a double-storey side extension to add a bedroom or bathroom, and can even create a dining room with spectacular ceiling height.

The multi-Storey extension is a complex project rather than a single storey project that makes it cost higher; however, the impact on neighbours is much more significant and done by detaching or semi-detaching the houses with side plots or gardens. It will most probably require planning permission as the more extensive the scale of the extension, the higher the value goes.

Flat Roof Extensions

The most common roof extension designs are:

  • Butterfly roof design
  • Dormer roof design
  • Flat roof design
  • Hip and valley roof design
  • Mansard designed roof
  • Hip Roof design

Flat roof extension is the most cost-effective way to get the most out of your living space.

Contact House extension London to find out more about roof extension types and benefits.

Kitchen Extensions

You can opt for any extension, as mentioned earlier for your kitchen extension. It is the most common and most popular type of function that an extension is formed for and allows you to make a games room, living room, man cave, and much more.

House extension London is waiting to transform your home with our fantastic extension ideas. 

Types of House Renovations 

Kitchen renovation

Bathroom renovation

Full house renovation

Alteration work

Our Planning requirements -

Generally planning is not necessary if it's not altering the external appearance and the overall shape of the house. Changing the windows and front doors, altering the cladding and replacing the roof coating are all modifications that require checking with the council or other relevant parties.

Average cost -

The costing of house renovation depends on several facts, such as what the project includes as changing the kitchen will have a higher price than just repainting it, in the same area, type of finishes and the size of the alterations.

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