Are you looking for a house or kitchen extension, renovation or refurbishment in Ruislip? House Extension London are here to assist you. We arrange a free no-obligation site visit at your property to assess your house extension aspirations, thoughts, vision, and budgetary concerns. We will help you plan, design and build you extension in Ruislip.



Bespoke House Design in Ruislip

We understand that no two houses are the same. Therefore, we only do 100% custom design, planning, and consult with you in each step of the process. Our architects will work closely with you to draw ideas into a final set of plans for the extension build phase. Planning permission rules vary from council to council. It is important to choose the right architects who have experience in your council to support your planning permission application.


Our build teams begin construction under the supervision of your personal project manager. We will provide you a detailed plan of the project to ensure that the right trades, tools, and materials will be on-site at the right times for a smooth build. Our construction is only completed when you are happy, the job site is then cleared so that you can start decorating your newly extended living space.


Our team has a lot of experience when it comes to kitchen extensions. A Kitchen extension in Ruislip is one of the most popular types of home renovation undertaken by London residents. A newly added kitchen can increase the value of your property by 6% and many buyers in Ruislip see this first when buying the property. Our team can offer our expertise and guidance so that your extension process runs efficiently.



You can choose from a wide range of house extension solutions, such as: Single storey extension, Rear Extensions, Double storey extension, Side extensions, Bungalow extensions, Garage & house extensions. We cover the whole of London and the home counties supplying a comprehensive solution to our clients varying requirements.



Most house improvements involve an addition of an extra space to accommodate either a new bigger kitchen, adding a shower or toilet under the stairs, increasing the internal space for big family functions. All modern house extensions nowadays have bi-fold doors, skylights, Velux windows etc. Many London families are opting for the open plan kitchen and dinner as they tend to offer better use of the space and feels spacious too. Contact our team today to discuss your house extension options and free no obligation quote.

What can we do for your Property in Ruislip?

If you would like to discuss the ways in which a House Extension could enhance your Ruislip property, call us on 0208 1050 675 or email info@houseextensionlondon.com to ask us any questions. For a free site survey and design consultation please fill out the form on the right and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

House Extension Ruislip


Lying 13.8 miles west-north-west of Charing Cross, London, Ruislip a London town is a Borough of Hillingdon. This city is best known for Sue Cook, broadcaster, BBC and Crimewatch presenter and for its historic ancient parish county of Middlesex. Ruislip is part of the Pinner, Northwood, Uxbridge, and South Ruislip constituency.

This place is near enough to London and surrounded by lovely green areas and has its own massive selection of shops and cafés.

The city Ruislip named after the River Pinn has its own definition as leaping place on the river where rushes grow, & formed from the Old English 'rysc' and 'hlyp'.

As a desirable location with convenient connections all over, people consider extending their home in Ruislip to avoid the hassle and stress of moving, and it can be the most beneficial solution to creating extra living space.


As similar to other outer London suburbs, Ruislip is also growing its popularity and population for many reasons: located in the heart of London, well connected and adequately maintained transportation, outstanding educational facilities, many open natural spaces and cosmopolitan culture are making this place an ideal location.

With a growing family or any other needs, people often find themselves forced out an area, which can be disappointing. House extension London, can assist you here with House Extension Ruislip, to create that extra space, which you desire.

Maybe house extension seems daunting, but our skilled and highly professional architects and design specialists will always be there for you at every extension step, from deciding the extension type, permission, detailed initial planning, to the final delivery. We help you to make a tailor-made extension to meet your budget, desires, and lifestyle.


We provide our clients a complete start to finish service for all kinds of extensions work. Our highly skilled and specialist tradesmen cover each aspect of building work and deliver a full turnkey service. Our work starts with initial groundworks and foundations to the plumbing and electrics. We leverage our clients to rest assured that every step of our house extensions will not just meet the highest standards for artistry, but also fully complies with all UK Building Regulations.

Our services just do not provide additional space; they also add the potential significant value to a home.

Our extensive range of House Extension Ruislip services includes -

Free, No-Obligation Quotations & Advice

A complete start-to-finish project management

Meticulous Designing & Planning

Completely transparent process

Practical and realistic timescale

Timely ongoing progress reporting

Contact us for any initial construction and site survey from trusted building contractors.


A house extension London, we ensure that our every client will meet with their expectations with our tailored extension services. From taking the initial step to deciding the superior quality materials to complementing our tradesman ship, we always try to go above and beyond to achieve 100% of our client's satisfaction.

As a building contractor, we build single-storey with roof, double and multi-storey and many more types of extension in Ruislip.

Although an extension work process depends on several factors, our general extension process involves the followings -

Planning and Designing -

Take a survey at the Site

Share the quotations

Discuss the possibilities and difficulties

Take planning permission if required

Finalize designs

Secure the site access

Conduct a risk Management

Groundwork and Foundations -

As per necessity- Groundwork and Excavation

Prepare stability and base

Damp-Proofing for Surface Water Management

Construction -

Electric work for External and Internal Walls

Assembling and Covering the Roof

Fitting pipes and Drainage Connections

Measure and fitting work on Windows and Doors

Internal Remodelling -

Eliminating Redundant Fixtures and Fittings

break through the existing one

Fix electric wires

Plumbing and carpentry


Completion -

Examine the work quality

Fix all gaps

Cleaning and removing equipment from Site

Final clean Up and Handover Property to Owner


Depending on the house and roof type, you can pick an extension for you. Here we are sharing a few most loveable and primary extension types.

  • Velux (Roof Light) - If you do not want to change the shape of your space, and only need a few alterations with versatility for the roof to fit and help while keeping the cost to a minimum, opting for Velux would be the great option for you. Get in touch with our specialist for detailed information.
  • Dormer - Reshape your roof to get the internal desired height and space. Though Velux extension provides more natural light, in general, Dormer extension work is more popular across House Extension Ruislip. Because it offers excellent headroom height with ample space. A larger Dormer=more benefits=value of money.
  • Hip to Gable - Maximizing your interior space, with the hip of your existing roof stretched into a Peak end that allows a larger rear dormer to be constructed. Hip to Gable extension work is more attractive than Dormer and Velux. A combination of Dormer and Hip to Gable can create magic with the best results, most significantly in traditional houses.
  • Mansard - It will give you a feel of a flat roof dormer, though 70 degrees front slope would be the main difference. Aesthetically pleasing windows are the main highlight in a Mansard Transformation.

On the other hand, Dormer is the most popular style of House Extension Ruislip, providing the extra desired space, headroom and floor space.


Well, the facts, as mentioned earlier, are just a glimpse of the numerous other essential benefits of a House Extension. Now if you are looking for an extension as a good investment, then contact us and let us find your vicinity and prepare for the best.



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