We help with all of your house renovation aspects in London.


Structural designing - Structural designing is necessary if you are changing the layout of your home. In House extension London, we assign in-house structural engineers to each house renovation, optimising and combining layout and interior designing with the structural elements.

Interior and architectural design - We understand that in house renovation, you want to utilise all the space efficiently. Enough storage space and a utility room are a few essential aspects while doing a house renovation. We take care of the layout and place orientation, choice of colours and materials carefully as it makes a big difference in a home refurbishment

Finishes and materials - Apart from the structural and layout alterations, finishing and materials are all in house refurbishing. Tiles and sanitaryware play a considerable role in making a stunning appearance.


Construction - A house renovation requires structural and development work. House of extension chooses the right experienced building contractor for installing structural elements.

Electrical and plumbing - Plumbing and electrical are crucial work in an auspicious house renovation. House extension London only works with certified electricians and plumbers to serve a hassle-free job.

Finishing and decoration - We have experienced tilers, carpenters, plasterers, painters, joiners and decorators after evaluating their past work. And they work to the satisfaction of our clients.

Finishing and Material -

A well-furnished renovation gives overall happiness after a significant refurbishment project. House extension London pays special attention to finishing details and serves high-quality finishing and materials at very competitive prices.

Our house renovation process 

Site visit - Our specialist will visit your site to meet you and to view the property to understand all the aspects of the renovation process. A face to face session helps us to understand your priorities, requirements, and concerns. A site visit also helps us to know the boundaries as a gas meter, electrical consumer unit, parking and more, as these details are important things to evaluate the house renovation project.

Budget and designing - We work as network partner architects and specialised designers in house extension London. Share your budget idea at the beginning which you have in your mind for house refurbishment. House refurbishments are all around recognising your priorities and what and how you want to achieve.

Estimation - Whenever you are ready with your renovation specifications, our estimation specialists will help you with an estimated quotation with the detailed breakdown. Our quote helps you to plan all of your expenses. It also allows you to check the progress on site and the budget consumption during their house renovation.

Build - Our assigned project manager will help to organise the teams on-site, track the progress and assist you in all phases of the project. They are competent and experienced in house renovations and maintain the highest standards, from the construction to the finishes.

Completion and handover - Home refurbishments may seem simple, but every tiniest detail is vital to a successful renovation project. It needs the perfect design and planning. At the end of the renovation, you can check all details finished to perfection and to ensure that the smallest bits are taken care of. In the end, we will share all the relevant certificates and warranties.

Who are House extension London?

House extension London is specialised in combining practical and cost-effective buildability with impeccable design flair to create timeless contemporary homes and retail spaces, perfectly tailored to suit all our clients’ needs.

Our services -

  • General Builder
  • Extension and loft conversion
  • Refurbishment
  • Electrical designing with NIC electricians
  • House extension
  • Automated and Sliding gate specialists
  • Quality bathroom and kitchen
  • Commercial Refurbishment


  • Electrical designing with NIC electricians
  • Quality Kitchens and bathrooms


What makes the House of extension different from others?

  • We offer quality and trustable work
  • We assign a dedicated project manager to cater to all your requirements
  • We make a fair contract that protects us both.
  • We process a transparent payment schedule system and do not take our extra works without prior approval
  • We manage your entire project including the project designing, planning applications etc. or we can carry out the building work and be your builders working with your preferred architect.



Get in touch with house extension London to discuss your dream project and book for a FREE consultation. Our expert will visit your plan for examination and will share a detailed construction quotation that is non-obligatory.

Don't waste your time and energy dealing with someone who makes promises and delivers nothing. Appoint a company with evidence of high-quality work and a lot of previous satisfied customers.

1. Establish your dream - House extension London planning specialist and design consultant discuss with you. It helps us to understand your requirement, vision, and planning along with the designing restrictions and best available opportunities.
2. Planning Permission - Maybe we need planning permission for your home or apartment refurbishment project from the local planning authorities. We expect your support and assistance to do all the relevant paperwork (drawing, elevation, submission) and in successful approval.
3. Start the work - Once all the previous work is done, we are ready to bump on the road. Where our certified painters, plumbers, workers, electricians, and carpenters will start working together to deliver a quality professional job, in time and as per your expectations.

Contact us to discuss your big idea with an experienced building contractor for your home or building project.

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