How much Value does a House Extension Add?

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An encompassing term that used to describe any expansion made to the home which can be from adding a few more square feet of room to the living area or to a double-storey multi-room addition is called extension. Apart from the money, a person involves emotionally into an extension work, so it's important to know what value they are adding to the home, before considering such an investment.

The added value depends on the size and work quality, the type of room, location of the property and other things that have been added.


In regards to extensions, the Government has relaxed its planning rules. It gives homeowners more flexibility to improve and increase the value of their homes. According to a survey, a house extension can add up to 20% to your overall property value.

Home extension factors influencing house values -

  • Adding an extra space or living room is a great way to add value without routing any new plumbing.
  • House extension is a great way to lift the home appearance.
  • Extensions can add significant profit for selling immediately.
  • If your home is surrounded by an expensive neighbourhood, an extension will add even higher value.

So, are you now ready to extend your house? House extension London, has listed five great extension ideas to increase your property's value.

However, you can use a few extension ideas that Will Increase Your Property Value.

Conservatory Extensions 

If you are an outdoor-loving person, what would be the best to add a bit more sunshine to the home through a conservatory? Homeowners and potential buyers always found the advantage of a conservatory since it adds more space to home quickly and easily. Also, when you come to sell, conservatory adds extra value to your house, instead of impacting negatively.

Adding a conservatory allows you to feel the calmness of the outdoors, by staying comfortable in your very own home.

While adding the all-important value at your home, it needs very less paperwork.

Loft Conversion 

Lofts are often spaces which get overlooked when it comes to revamping. If you want an extra bedroom, a second living room, or even a games room, a loft conversion extension for all for you.

Rather than adding exterior building work to the property, Loft internal conversion is much simpler work. And the best part is, it does not require any development approval. Seemingly simple home loft extension can increase your home's value by 22%.

Extend Outwards 

If you want to add one more room or more, extending outwards will be a fantastic way to utilize a property space. Extending outwards is less expensive than extending upwards; also, it's important to consider the slope of your land while planning to add a ground-level extension.

Add A Second Floor 

Adding a second floor can add tremendous value to your home. However, this extension type is very complicated and can cause inconvenience, as the house will be without a roof for some time.

Though it is an excellent investment and will add a massive amount of value to the home, even without sacrificing its outdoor area, adding a second floor can take time.

If you reside in a picturesque area, the view from a double-floored home will increase the property value more.

Granny Flat 

If you have a large land, adding a granny flat to the home can be a great idea; the separated dwelling can easily be used for renting out on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Home Extension Costs 

House extension costs can vary, depending on a variety of factors from material costs to planning permission. Materials are one of the most significant factors in home extension costs, plan it in detail considering your budget, which can meet the level of finish you are expecting. Discuss and share your planning and budget with your architecture; they will help you to blend correctly with the style of your home, simultaneously lifting the appearance of the whole property.


It's quite impossible to put an exact figure as it varies on the type of extension, property location, size and several other facts. House extension London can share some statistics to give you a good indication of what value you can expect with a house extension.

An average three-bedroom house extension creation, a double bedroom and en-suite can add up to 23% to the value of your current property. An extra bedroom can add up to 6%, and two additional bedrooms can increase it up to 12%.

Note: These statistics are averages, and can vary from project to project. You can consult with House extension London to know an accurate evaluation of your extension.


If you are looking for someone to evaluate your house and can add genuine value to it, or you would like to have more information about how an extension can impact on the value of your home, contact House extension London, for any of your queries.



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