Do you need an architect for an extension?

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If you think that your project is simple and straightforward, and you've found that you don't require planning permission, you might have this question: do I need an architect at all? Is it illegal to do an enlargement work without an architect involved? This is a prevalent dilemma for homeowners, mostly for those who are doing modest kitchen extensions or interior alteration work on a budget. The simple answer is NO!!  HOWEVER, we definitely wouldn't recommend skipping the design/drawing phase of the project altogether. House extension London professionals, can help you to find the best solution for your brief; advice on budget and where to save; guide you through planning, building regs, freeholder consent and in many other aspects. 

Benefits you can get by having an architect by your side is -

  • Comprehensive designs
  • Increase house value
  • Expert guidelines
  • Successful planning


Interested? Here are our facts for getting an architect on your extension team


Expert guidance throughout


As a professional House extension, London architects can shape your entire home journey. If you're new to home conversion or extension work, a professional can help you to achieve the desired results. House extension is a complicated thing to take on. And you get involved in juggling multiple professionals, complex planning rules, budgets, getting the space to look beautiful. This is where an architect steps in.

House extension London has worked for multiple projects and has seen several house type, extension, conversion, also have dealt with fussy planning officers, and cooled down annoyed neighbours, and have seen many more. We pass our all gained experience with our clients, let them know about the expected price, designing approach and all necessary things. Explaining all these little things makes everything more manageable for any first-time extender.



Better design, better returns


Architecture is all about design planning. An architect prepares drawings, and shapes and ensures with pretty much guaranteed to end up with a better result. No matter how much we artistically inclined, most possibly will miss the small details that turn a good extension into a WOW one. Architects acknowledge everything from the bottom, including maximizing space, natural lighting, an impact which it will have on your neighbours. These elements create a truly great space.

Great design also adds value to your home, apart from just being appreciated by your family. Extending home is a great investment, and by achieving the best possible result, you can increase chances of reaping a profit when it comes to selling.


Planning permission


Planning doesn't just come in one form. Three routes you may go down -


  • Planning permission approval
  • Permitted development rights
  • Larger home extension scheme


As each permission is best suited to different projects, such as home types, and areas in the UK, the architect can help you to decide which one is right for you. Even if you are opting against planning permission; you'll still need approval from either your local authority or neighbours. House extension London architects know all ins and outs of each of the projects you're using and will ensure your application has the best chance of first-time approval.

It does not only save you time and money by avoiding reapplications but also intends you won't fall foul of breaking any UK planning laws.


Checklist before appointing any architect


With an architect (ARB) or Chartered Architectural Technologist (MCIAT), you can be assured about high levels of experience and training to undertake the full range of architectural services.


  • Ensure they hold adequate insurance to protect you from errors in their work.
  • Have they done similar projects before? Ask for the previous work demonstration.
  • Get references from past clients.
  • Authenticate the company.


Difference House extension London create


If you are looking to go above and beyond your traditional practice, House extension London has taken all the advantages of your regular architect and received all that good stuff into overdrive.


Cherries we put on top of our service -


  • An expert planning team - Our In-house planning team will help you to prepare your application and will submit on your behalf. Pay the submission fee; that's all you have to do.
  • Our Dashboard - All projects need to be organized, or it will start to feel messy. Our Dashboard lets you manage all your paperwork and your project online; you can get everything through just a click.
  • Connect - We ensure you have the best people at your side throughout your project and will introduce you to vetted professionals in your area.


Get in touch to know how we can help you in your project.


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