A kitchen extension gives the kitchen an entirely new life and space to breath into a home while increasing its market value. Whether it would be for spending time with family or relaxing, a new, larger kitchen space that will transform the ground level of a property.

Kitchen is an integral part of the house, and House extension London will help you to increase its value in all aspects.


Our team of specialists take care of the entire kitchen extension project to equip you with complete satisfaction. House extension London has the expertise in handling all types of kitchen extension, renovation and refurbishment work.


We offer extensions with the highest quality in terms of designing, craftsmanship and sustainability. Our work not only adds extra space and functionality of the kitchen but enhances your property and your lifestyle.


What are the different types of a kitchen extension?


Kitchen side extension -


Also known as a side return extension, this one is the most popular type of kitchen extension in London. It generally involves building from 1.25m to the side of the property and finishing flush at the back of the central part of the house. Clients can choose either a pitched or flat roof over the extended section. Flat roof and Pitched roof are two main styles of side extensions.


Rear Kitchen extension -


In the rear kitchen extension, the only end of the property gets extended and has huge roof windows allowing maximum natural light into the newly created space. Rear extensions can have either be a -


  • mono-pitch roof
  • Centre pitched roof
  • Flat roof


Wrap around kitchen extension -


Wrap around the kitchen extension not only goes into the side addition but also covers almost the back sometimes extending three or four meters into the garden and providing a huge kitchen living area. Its additionally added rear allows more sympathetic space favourable, where most families want to live while cooking you can watch on the children watching tv or playing in the garden through folding sliding doors. It gives an option to choose from a flat or a pitched roof extension.


Conservatory Extensions -


 Conservatory house extension London can be the best option where having less natural light entering the interiors is an issue. Apartingly it will cost you much less than other types of kitchen remodelling extensions and can offer the kitchen spaces better views to the outside. Additionally, it allows for more natural light to enter the kitchen.


Single Storey Extensions


If you are looking to add some extra space in your kitchen, Single Storey Extensions will be a great idea. By consisting of one floor, it will aid in extending the first-floor space of a home. You can use this extra space for dining, workspace, or keeping appliances.


Process House extension London follows -

  • At our visit, we discuss your extension options and about your home improvement requirements.


  • We identify the extension space and carry out further the discussion with the about.


  • We share a quotation with you to review and upon your acceptance, we schedule a meeting with our Architect and share the best extension design based on the property and your requirements. May the work needs approval from Planning Permission, Party Wall Agreements and Building Control. At house extension London we keep all the work at once, according to the agreement on a date to initiate your works. Once we are done with all the formality procedures and prior work, we will order the material to start the work. Your dedicated office-based Project Manager will visit your project frequently and keep you familiarised on the progress to assure your extension is progressing as you are expecting.



Things to consider in kitchen extension work -


Incorporate structural elements -


Turn structural elements bead into a part of the design. Instead of hiding them, incorporate them with balancing materials.


Choose wall colours wisely. -


Experiment with your favourite colours with a small section of the wall above the tiles. After all, if you don't like it later, it can change easily.


Make storage accessible and attractive -


You can opt for an open shelving system to save your time rummaging behind the things in the backs of cupboards. Have utensils, cookery, knives, books and other items that you frequently use to hand when you need them.


Bring warmness with bricks -


Letting the bricks exposed on the inside will furnish the kitchen character and warmth, even if you are building a new wall or relocated one as part of your extension. Reclaimed bricks deliver the best look as the dynamic colour and texture will accumulate other blends in your cabinetry and flooring.


Extend out with a side return -


For semi-detached or detached homes extending out to the side would be the great option. It may put you closer to your neighbour's boundary, so it might be trickier to get the planning permission also, you may lose the side access to your garden. Though it will give you a space which you  can use as storage or for any other work.


Make colour the star -


The standout shade will go best for the single feature all-white or neutral kitchen. Practically for the small extension, it will simplify and streamline the scheme. You can also use a space divider that defines the dining area on the opposite side.


House extension London, have specialisation in all types of upper mentioned extension work, along with implementing your extension ideas. Get in touch with us to give your kitchen a valuable space.



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