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Bespoke House Design in Hatchend

We understand that no two houses are the same. This is why we only do 100% custom design, planning, and consult with you in each step of the process.

Planning Permission

Planning permission rules vary from council to council. It is important to choose the right architects who have experience in your council to support your planning permission application.

Construction and Sign-off

Our build teams begin construction under the supervision of your personal Project manager. We will provide you a detailed plan of the project.


Types of House Extensions in Hatchend

You can choose from a wide range of house extension solutions, such as: Single storey extension, Rear Extensions, Double storey extension, Side extensions, Bungalow extensions, Garage & house extensions.



Hatch End is an area situated within London Borough of Harrow, in the area of North West London. The area features several facilities to its citizens. It has a complex named Harrow Arts Centre where various events in the fields of arts, music, dance, comedy, theatre, and literature are hosted. The place accommodates people from different races like whites, Asians, Blacks, and many more. They live in this beautiful place in peace and lead a comfortable life.


Hatch End is undoubtedly a small place to live in, yet it is elegant in its way. With the presence of the Harrow Arts Centre, the area also facilitates sports recreational centres like Hatch End cricket club, tennis club, and swimming pool. It is a fantastic place for families to settle down as it provides to you conveniently with necessary facilities like education, healthcare, transportation, accommodation, recreation, and various other utilities. With lush greenery and a good neighbourhood around, Hatch End is one of the top choices for people to live in.


If you wish to experience the life the town has to offer, or you wish to add to your luxurious lifestyle by increasing the value of the place you live at, you should consider getting house extension in Hatch End. House extension is a popular choice for people residing in Hatch End in the majority. People who have already availed these services highly recommend it as it proved out to be both cost-effective and a great way of the addition of space in the house. One important thing to do is, to be honest with your budget, time, and energy as the other alternative of buying a new home might sound tempting but is not a piece of cake. Hence, House extension in Hatch End is the wisest choice you can make.


Our highly trusted company, HOUSE EXTENSION LONDON, happens to be a company specializing in house, loft, kitchen, garage, side-return, wrap-around, and rear extensions. The one company people living in Hatch End would contact in case of house renovation processes is ours. Our company specializes in every field you can think of related to house renovation - be it interior designing, house refurbishment, or loft conversion - we do it all.

The process that we follow is also straightforward and clear. We even leave no scope of ambiguity in terms of monetary matters as for us; communication is the key. Without your permission, our workers refuse to continue with anything. Ou broad focuses are – 

a) Addition to the space and value of your house.

b) Designing for the perfect and a uniquely created plan.

c) Providing services at a reasonable rate.

d) Giving our clients as less burden as possible by performing the entire process optimistically.

Therefore, with the highest order of dedication and passion, we commit ourselves to our work and vow to turn your expectations into a reality.


You can comfortably get rid of the burden of finding the right services because we are here for you! The services provided by us for House Extension Hatch End will certainly be fulfilling all your requirements and demands. 

There are always several qualities that must be possessed by a professional contractor. To begin with, an excellent service member must have a vision, a goal in mind. Giving his/her work the priority over anything else talks about your experience and qualification. 

Also, a regular and clear skill of communication with the clients and other pupils involved in the project is a must. A contractor must ensure that proper notification is taking place, and no confusion from either side’s end is produced. 

One remarkable quality in our service providers is their brilliant mindsets. The ability to understand the customer’s ideas and to work following it is a skill not every contractor has. 

We all know that renovation can be stressful; therefore if your contractor is optimistic and favourable to you and acts as your companion, a lot of stress and anxiety get reduced. 

Our very able professionals excel at all these qualities which make us the title bearers of ‘The Best Service Providers’ among all our fellow competitors.


We have broadly classified the entire process of ours in the following manner - 

a) UNDERSTANDING THE PROJECT - The client and the designer deliberate about the expectations and requirements necessary to continue the work.

b) PLANNING AND AUTHORIZATION - The fulfilment of the mandatory paperwork with the assistance of our customers

c) INITIATION OF THE CONSTRUCTION WORK - Once all the formalities get completed, our workers are set to work and continue working passionately till your house of dreams is in front of your eyes!


After having a glimpse about our services, we believe that you are now convinced about the quality of our work, 

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us now and avail of our services, get the perfect House Extension in Hatch End and add to the beauty of the beautiful town.

Can it be any better? Yes! We also give you FREE CONSULTATION with our designer to discuss your dream project.

We know for a fact that renovation is no joke. We are as serious about the process as any of our clients. Therefore, don’t waste your time contacting any other company having commitment issues and visit our website now to get a more transparent and better picture.


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